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Expert Installation of Concrete Coatings

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At D&BB Concrete Coating. LLC, our specialty lies in the provision of high-end, epoxy, polyurea-polyaspartic concrete floor coating systems. We steer clear of subpar “1-day polyurea” applications – those systems are characterized by wafer-thin coatings that fall short of commercial standards. (We encourage you to consult our article titled “Taking a Stand: Unveiling the Reality of 1-Day Concrete Coatings“). Our mission is clear; to provide our customers with robust, industrial-level coatings installed by concrete coating experts. Nothing less will suffice. When we say our warranty lasts a “lifetime”, it’s real – no warranty exclusions exist for moisture or staining issues. Rest assured, you’re covered.

The durablility of our coatings makes them suitable for high-traffic garages and retail/commercial flooring that bear heavy footfall, vehicular traffic, and heavy loads and impacts – flooring that warrants resilient, industrial-strength coatings. Our impressive range of epoxy and polyurea-polyaspartic concrete floor coating systems are tailor-made to withstand these challenges by providing excellent flexural strength, coupled with superior resistance against impact, abrasion, moisture, chemicals and stains.

Concrete Evaluation & Coating Installation

Our Process – Concrete Evaluation, Estimate & Coating Installation

  • Step 1 – On-site Estimate: Accurate evaluation and cost estimation requires that we conduct a “face-to-face” meeting at your premises, whether residential, business or retail. During the estimation and evaluation phase, exact measurements of square footage and concrete moisture levels will be taken. We’ll assess chemical and UV resistance requirements of your flooring, odor and cost concerns, and use this information to tailor the right flooring for you. You’ll get to peruse our color sample boards – we’ll provide a variety of coating systems and color options. The final selection of your flooring system and color will be based on your unique space and individual preferences. If you want to browse our coating system offerings prior to the on-site meeting, you can peruse the “Services” section of this website at your convenience.
  • Step 2 – Concrete Preparation: Following the estimation and assessment phase, we’ll schedule your installation dates. Remember, we are a 2-day installation company…not 1. And that’s a good thing, because a quality coating takes time. On the first day of installation, our team will use our proprietary concrete patch systems and high-end propane grinders with dust-mitigating attachments, to create the proper profile before applying the first primer coat.
  • Step 3: Moisture-Mitigating Primer Application: We place huge emphasis on this stage! The strength of your finished coating system is only as strong as the bond between your concrete slab and first primer coat! So we apply a moisture-mitigating, 100%-solids epoxy primer (never a polyurea direct-to-concrete) – and we apply this primer doubly thick. It serves as both a primer and a color coat in one.
  • Flake Broadcast: Upon completion of the primer coating, we’ll broadcast our proprietary flake blend (as selected by you) into the wet primer coat.
  • Clear Polyaspartic Topcoats: We’ll finish up with two coats (not just one) of our clear, 100%-solids polyaspartic – in its second coat, we incorporate anti-slip aggregate for your safety to reduce the potential for slippage. Our industrial-grade polyaspartic formulation guarantees stain-proof results from hot-tire transfer (“plasticizer migration”) and most automotive fluids.

Relax and Enjoy

Just choose your desired coating solution and color – leave the rest to us. We provide top-tier service from estimation through final installation, promising a hassle-free journey. Your choice will culminate in a beautiful concrete space that’ll last for years to come. Call us today, D&BB Concrete Coating, LLC, for your free quote and take the first step towards realising your dream project. Your local epoxy, polyurea-polyaspartic floor coating experts are only a CLICK or phone call away.