What is so innovative about our Garage Floor Coating?

We’re D&BB Floor Coating, LLC, of Indiana, a local, privately-owned contractor specializing in the application of industrial-grade concrete floor coatings. We’re a 2-day installer (we leave the “1-day” stuff for the amateurs). We start all of our installations with a thick, 100%-solids epoxy primer – never using polyurea direct-to-concrete – to ensure your flooring resists moisture, high hydrostatic pressures, and hot-tire staining. We guarantee it. We use our 100%-solids polyurea-polyaspartic product for use as topcoats only. This is how industrial-grade, concrete floor coatings are to be installed!

Unlike our “1-day polyurea” competition, we won’t add a warranty exclusion for “moisture-related issues” in your contract….we don’t need to. Our products, our systems, and our application techniques produce thick, moisture-resistant coatings that allow us to confidently and honestly honor our warranty commitment. And, we never subcontract…we’re not only the owners, we’re the estimator and installers too.

What’s so innovative about our garage floor coatings? We are part of the GarageFloorCoating.com dealer network that revolutionized the garage floor coating industry by developing and perfecting innovative coating techniques and coating systems for over 27 years. Our coatings are industrial-grade, provide a real warranty against moisture, and remain the benchmark of the garage floor coating industry.